Dial Level Descriptions

Mood Journal

Null or No Option.  This means you are not tracking that particular mood category.


Level 10 – Very Severe.  Manic, should be hospitalized.  Psychosis.  Your mind is racing and you cannot keep track of your thoughts.  You might not recognize people or objects.  You might hear voices.  You have suicidal thoughts.  Others insist you get medical attention.  No sleep, delusional, invincible, explosive, and might be hallucinatory.  Total loss of judgement, reckless, and puts self and others in danger.  Exorbitant spending and impulsive.  Grandiose thoughts, religious delusions, promiscuous, and insomnia.


Level 9 – Severe.  Very significant difficulty with behavior.  Should consider hospitalization.  You might be experiencing racing thoughts.  You cannot sleep or you only require a few hours of sleep each night.  Grandiose, very disruptive, reckless, and a major increase in energy and activities.  Lost touch with reality and may have lost track of time and intent.  Paranoid or vindictive.  You may feel extremely agitated and have rapid speech.  Cannot focus, little to no judgement, not direct-able, outlandish behaviors, and cannot function at work.


Level 8 – High Moderate.  Very noticeable impairment and others offer feedback about your behavior.  Inflated self-esteem.  Your mind is going faster than normal and your speech is rapid.  You might be spending more money than usual.  Troubles finishing tasks and cannot focus.  Maybe lacking with personal hygiene.  Irritability and/or anxiety may be present.  You are counterproductive and more negative than normal.


Level 7 – Low Moderate.  Mild impairment, daily functioning is enhanced.  Feel the need to expel energy.  This would be the start of hypo-mania.  Experiencing racing thoughts, not sleeping very well, might have slight anxiety, and could be agitated easily.  Grandiose ideas, artistic, and very high energy.  Very productive, charming, and talkative.  Might be doing things in excess.


Level 6 – Mild.  A little increase in energy and mood.  Self-esteem is a bit elevated.  You are optimistic and more social than normal.  You take responsibility for yourself and take your medications.  You feel focused and alert.  Sleep is OK and you can complete tasks.  You are articulate, and you get work done.  You make good decisions.


Level 5 – Balanced/Normal.  Mood is balanced and you are calm and at peace.  Life is going well and you have a good outlook.  You do not experience negative thoughts.  You feel accomplished. You take your medications.  You have the ability to start and complete tasks.  You have good personal hygiene.  You get at least 8 hours of sleep a night or you have good sleep patterns.  You might be exercising and eating well.  Truly happy.  You enjoy feeling normal and you have the ability to reflect on your behavior.


Level 4 – Mild.  You experience less energy.  Slight withdrawal and not involved in as many projects. Might want to stay home more often and withdrawal form social situations.  You might experience slight agitation and negativity.  Might be sleeping a bit more than normal.  Do not have the desire to do normal activities but you push through.  Starting to think life is not going as planned.


Level 3 – Low Moderate.  Feelings of panic or anxiety.  Might feel slight agitation.  Starting to feel blue. Do not like doing normal activities.  Might notice a decrease in your appetite.  Concentration is difficult.  Sleeping more often.  Hard to get moving.  Sitting around a lot more.  Starting to think life is horrible.  You have some impairment at work and home.  Might start missing days of work.  The loss of normal pleasures.


Level 2 – High Moderate.  You are aware you are depressed.  Your thinking has slowed.  Sleeping a lot more.  Personal hygiene is lacking and it is hard to take care of yourself.  You might stay in bed all day.  You have lost your appetite and you are regularly thinking more negatively.  You might be isolating yourself and feeling more tearful than normal.  Might feel worthless and some thoughts of suicide enter your mind.


Level 1 – Severe.  Very significant impairment and/or great effort is needed to function and you are barely scraping by.  Should consider hospitalization.  Very low energy, withdrawn, poor hygiene, and difficulty concentrating.  Work is greatly affected.  Might be thinking of suicide.  You have to push yourself to function.  Thoughts of hopelessness, and guilt.


Level 0 – Very Severe.  Depressed, hopeless, helpless, and incapacitated.  Should be hospitalized.  You are a zombie, mute and/or extremely agitated.  You might feel there is no way out.  Complete isolation and have endless thoughts about suicide.  Might be planning your suicide and voices tell you to do so.  You believe your family would be better off without you.  You just cannot function.  In bed all day or sleeping too much.