Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequent questions we get asked.

What moods can I track?
  There are 7 track-able moods. Energy, Mood, Intellect, Agitation, Anxiety,
  Mania, Depression

Do I have to track all 7 moods?
  No, you can track only the moods you wish. You can also change which moods you track at anytime.

How quickly can I make an entry?
Less than 20 seconds and that includes adding a short note and entering your sleep pattern for the night.

Can I track sleep?
  Yes you can tack nightly sleep patterns using our Sleep Tab.

Can I track medications?
  Yes you can track medications and dosage changes.

Can I password protect my private information?
  Yes you can password protect the app.

Can I add an entry that occurs in the past?
  Yes you can.  Just select the date and complete the entry.

Can my data be backed up?
  Yes you can sign-up for a free account at dropbox.com.  The app has the ability to save your data to dropbox.

Can I export my data so it can be printed out?
  Yes you can export the data and email it to yourself for printing.

Can I email the exported data to my doctor?
  Yes you can email the exported data to your doctor.

Can I Share my data via other sources?
  Yes. You can share your exported data file with Google Drive, Email, Gmail, Skype, and
  other share programs you have installed on your device.

Can I edit an existing entry?
  Yes you can edit entries via the log tab.

Can I fax my data logs to my doctor?
  Yes for a small fee you can fax directly from the Mood Journal App.