About Mood Journal

The Mood Journal is an application for your mobile device.  Mood Journal has the ability to track up to seven different moods.  Track only the ones you want.  The moods are; Energy, Mood, Intellect, Agitation, Anxiety, Mania, and Depression.

On a separate screen you can even track your sleeping habits.

We even have a medication screen that allows you to track your medications.

Logs for both Mood and Sleep are at your fingertips.

Very quickly you can scan the exported logs to see your ups, downs, and stability.

You can even export the data to print and bring to your doctor.  If you have your doctors email address you can email the data directly to your doctor.  You can even fax the data directly from Mood Journal.

Mood Journal has reminders.  You can set reminder alarms to pop-up when it is time to chart your mood or sleep.  You can even set "It's time to take your medication" reminders.

The application can be password protected so other users of your device cannot access or read your information.

Your data can even be backed up to your Dropbox account.